Healing Environment VUMC Cancer Center Amsterdam D/Science

Vision & Mission

While the industrial model is making room for a more human-centered period in history, MORE AWARENESS is required FOR THE EFFECTS OF ENVIRONMENTS ON PEOPLE. As it happens research shows, that rental and energy costs together account for only 10% of the business operating costs of a building, whereas staff costs account for as much as 90%, making the investment in the well-being and health of employees a major concern for any organization.

Considering further the increase in healthcare costs, low employee engagement, the prevalence of preventable diseases and the difficulties of employees to achieve BALANCE IN THEIR WORK AND PRIVATE LIFE, a fundamental shift is needed in the way organizations think about, treat and care for their workforce. Being the core and heart of each business, employees should be able to work in environments that support them in being or becoming their best possible selfs.

Believing strongly that physical design can help organizations in their attempts to successfully meet future challenges, D/Science aims to determine HOW THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT can contribute to IMPROVE HAPPINESS, a sense of comfort and safety, productivity and feeling connected to other people. Buildings should thereby no longer be considered as ‘cost centers’, but as strategic investments with essential financial benefits.

Driven by the idealistic notion to make the world a better place, D/Science strives to minimalize unnecessary negative experiences and MAZIMIZE POSITIVE EXPERIENCES. To achieve an optimal fit between an environment and its users, it is however also vital to challenge and stimulate the ability of an organization to examine and possibly revise obsolete work methods and values, to become and remain a healthy community fit for developments to come.